Molecular and cell biological analysis of interactions of model plants and cultivated plants with microbial pathogens

Prof. Ralph Hückelhoven; Dr. Stefan Engelhardt

Plants are resistant to most pathogens due to a multilayered innate immunity. Immunity is based on recognition of nonself molecules and of activity altering the plant´s molecular structures. By contrast, disease susceptibility is the exception because a pathogen needs to circumvent or to suppress host immunity to be successful. Our work focuses on identification and understanding of host mechanisms of resistance and susceptibility to diseases caused by microbial pathogens. Ultimately, this may allow for a mechanistic understanding of disease and help keeping plants healthy.


links to specific projects

1 RAC/ROP-GTPases as susceptibility factors

2 Pattern triggered immunity in crop plants

3 The role of programmed cell death in plant-microbe interactions

4 Transcriptonal and metabolic patterns of barley for basal disease reistance and susceptibility for powdery mildew

5 Carbohydrate metabolism and regulation of the metabolism in plant -pathogen interactions

6 RBOH NADPH Oxidases