Applied Biochemistry

Dr. Harald Schempp


Research Area:

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), Free Radicals and Antioxidants
generation, measurement, analytics, reaction mechanisms,
biology and biochemistry of oxidative stress,
redox signaling, role in host parasite interactions,
evaluation of antioxidant capacity of natural compounds.

antioxidative proteins (superoxide dismutases, catalases, peroxidases),
cellwall-peroxidases, lipoxygenases, oxidases


Specific Projects:

Analytics of superoxide / hydrogen peroxide / phenoxyl radicals in the apoplast  (in planta)

Mechanism of auto- oxidation of phenolics (particularly prenylated compounds)

Generation of singlet oxygen, superoxide / hydrogen peroxide / organic peroxides and radicals in photodynamic reactions

Evaluation of superoxide scavenging activity of xanthohumol and derivatives (hop chalcons) 

Stabilization of hyperforin in extracts of St. Johns worth

Antioxidant capacity of fruit and vegetable juices, red and white wine